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And on Monday, retired Saskatoon Police Service officer Brian Trainor weighed in on the debate.

City council approved the Lawson Civic Centre's new roof, coming at a cost of $119,000 plus GST.

"You wouldn't believe the amount of kids and families impacted by bullying and not just in the classic sense but the bullying that follows kids home from school there's too many to even count and it shouldn't be like that," Brigette Krieg said Monday at city council.

"A city bylaw would have no effect on incidents that happen in schools," Warwick said, adding those instances would fall to the school boards.

those charges could be laid but they're usually not," Trainor told council.

With approval from city council to draft an anti bullying bylaw, City Solicitor Patricia Warwick explained the potential limitations.

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City council approves drafting of anti

On Friday, Iwanchuk told News Talk how anti bullying legislation simply gives police officers another tool at their disposal, because bullying at its root isn't a criminal code offence.

"Well we still have to wait and see what the bylaw looks like," she said. "It will probably be enforceable after school which is when a lot of the incidents occur so I think that might be able to help some kids and anything we can do to help is a bonus."

In 2014 the city has agreed to undertake civic service reviews in three areas: road management including road repair and construction, parks and garbage/recycling programs.

Krieg together with Avenue Community Centre's Chandra McIvor teamed up with Ward 3 Councillor Ann Iwanchuk, who ultimately made the motion in council chambers, opening up the debate on an anti bullying bylaw.

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City Hall Notebook

City council approved plans to build two ramps for a new overpass at Highway 11 and Victor Road in Stonebridge. Ramp 3 will be reviewed by the administration to see if they can afford it in the first phase of the project.

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That came Adidas Blue Tech Super Sneakers

Adidas Sl 72 Man

"From my experience I wish I would have had something that was a middle ground like a bullying bylaw that I could have used in certain cases When I policed (my options) were basically a criminal code offence or a stern finger wag, there was no other option to deal with bullying we encountered."

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The City of Saskatoon could be the next Canadian city to pass an anti bullying bylaw.

The city solicitor has now been instructed to draft a bylaw while consulting with community stakeholders, to figure out what exactly the bylaw would aim to protect. The city's administration will report back to council later this year.

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Broadway 3 and Sutherland is looking for a 14 per cent increase from 2013.

2014 budgets were approved for the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Saskatoon. The Downtown Partnership is asking for a 23 per cent increase from 2013, Riversdale 4.5, Adidas Originals Sl Loop Racer Chromatech

Council has approved a Request For Proposals to figure out how to regulate and enforce Saskatoon Animal Control Bylaw

"The city can regulate incidents in public places within the boundaries of the city to further the objective of safety and welfare of our citizens; streets, parks and other places in public that's a threat to citizens," Warwick said, but what she said next didn't fully satisfy the bylaws proponents.

Krieg has been at the forefront of parents, children and city councillors in Saskatoon pushing for anti bullying legislation. And on Monday, after city council decided to instruct the city solicitor to draft the bylaw, Kreig said it was a win.

"It's harassment, it's stalking Adidas Sl Loop Champs

"I'm absolutely thrilled. I feel this is something Adidas Sl 72 Man that should have happened last year, I'm glad that after all the discussion that they've decided to move forward and have the bylaw be part of what Saskatoon should be, a safe place for our kids," she said following the decision.

as a bit of a surprise to councillor Iwanchuk.

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Serving 27 years with the Saskatoon Police Service, Trainor is now the voice of anti bullying across the province, giving up to 40 lectures to elementary and high school students every month.

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