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Turco said it's a compromise that he hopes will turn out to be for the best, after administrators were forced to come up with a solution when projected enrolment far outstripped capacity and funding wasn't available to further expand the new building.

Clergue a hit with the kids

Grades JK to 3 and Grades 7 and 8 will move into the new building on Sept. 6, while Grades 4 6 will remain at Rosedale Public School.

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

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"The whole thing is interconnected: You have the library connected to the forum, connected to the stage, and the stage connected to the gymnasium," said Turco.

"I know the parents and students will agree that this is a significant improvement, certainly in comparison to the school that was on this site," said Orazietti. Clergue, at least not at first.

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

peek at the new building. Clergue is among $130 million worth of new school projects ongoing in the Sault, including the ADSB's Superior Heights high school project, which also opens this fall, and the Huron Superior Catholic District School board's new Holy Cross elementary school project, and as yet unnamed high school project.

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Mario Turco, ADSB director of education, said part of what makes the new school exciting is that it has features you don't normally see in elementary schools here, like a science lab, a music room and a technology class.

"When you take a look around this school, the thought that went into it is evident," said Bond, who attended Clergue as a child and whose son Nelson, 5, will start Grade 1 in September.

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But Bond, who toured the school with his children, said seeing the state of the art building his children will attend has at least started to win him over.

It helps that the school they'll be returning to is not the dilapidated 1950s structure they left in June, but a brand new 44,000 square foot facility brimming with the trappings of modern, state of the art learning. Clergue French Immersion Public School, the school where he'll start Grade 1 next month. He said it felt, "good," to see his old school torn down over the summer.

His daughter Celeste, who is going into Grade 4, will remain at Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk Rosedale, for the time being, but she said she's starting to look at the bright side: more room now that the Grade 7 and 8s are gone.

"It's bigger. Big, big," said Brandon.

"I would be surprised if other school boards do not send people here to see what we've done," said Turco, whose own board sent representatives on a tour of other new schools in Ontario during the Clergue design process.

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

MPP David Orazietti said it was "fantastic," to see the crowds of parents and children turn out to take a Adidas Sl Rise Sneaker

Adidas Originals Sl Loop Uk

He said the "focal Adidas Y3 Honja

kids giggled with glee Wednesday at the prospect of going back to school.

What's so good about the new school?

point," of the new school will be an open forum space.

When the doors open next month, 680 students are expected to filter in. The school can hold 750, but without keeping some at Rosedale, administrators had projected they could have had as many as 814 students this fall, and 1,000 before five years is out.

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