Adidas Bounce Sl Review

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

Rivette said he took his granddaughter to an event in the park last summer and it was difficult to walk two feet without encountering geese droppings.

It will mark the first time the city actively tries to chase the geese problem out of the park, and they're not alone. Many other Ontario communities are dealing with the same problem, and they're using a variety of approaches like oiling eggs, spraying grass and installing life size animal decoys to try and scare off the birds.

Alexander said the company did a "field test" with the dog in the park and it worked out well.

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

The manager said the dog won't actually harm the geese, and it isn't expected to create any troubles for bikers or pedestrians in the park.

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Adidas Bounce Sl Review

The councillor said there's an even greater need to curb the geese problem now given the plans to install a water splash pad in Lamoureux Park near the children's playground.

Still, Coun. Andre Rivette, for one, is hopeful the dog and handler will produce results.

and it has settled on Falcon Environmental Services, a company with an office just north of Alexandria.

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

"It's becoming more than just a nuisance. Personally, I think it's become a health issue," said Rivette of the geese population in the park. "The bottom line is we've got to get them out of there."

The city has a new employee of the four legged variety.

The city estimates the contract will cost around $10,000, though the final figure will depend on how many hours the dog spends on patrol in the park, Alexander said.

Last year, the city planned on using the services of a dog and handler through a partnership with the St. Lawrence Parks Commission, but it didn't work out Adidas Y3 Zebra

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

The dog will be on the job starting May 5, and it will continue through to September.

A Adidas Bounce Sl Review dog and handler has been hired by city hall to patrol Lamoureux Park this summer in hopes of solving the long standing geese problem on the waterfront.

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

logistics. This year, the city decided to go out with its own Request For Proposal (RFP) for the work, Sl Loop Adidas Womens

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

City hiring a dog to chase geese from Lamoureux

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

For that reason, city officials are hoping for good things with the dog and handler, but they don't want to raise expectations too high. "Everybody's trying a variety of things and none are 100 per cent effective," said planning, parks and recreation services general manager Stephen Alexander.

Adidas Bounce Sl Review

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