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Lalonde also documented the perils of the climb itself.

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Lalonde and fellow climber Rob McDonald were advised to "attempt Everest" in 2008 by fellow doctor and climber, Karl Flock, according to a blog Lalonde has maintained to update friends and family on the expedition.

According to the blog, all Men's Adidas Originals Running Sl 72 Shoes

on Everest included waiting for a good window of weather in which his team could scramble for the summit.

climbers spend time getting acclimatized to the low oxygen environment before making an attempt at the climb.

"A very sad day yesterday as one of the climbing Sherpas from another team died when he fell into a crevasse in the ice falls," Lalonde wrote.

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Lalonde climbed to four camps enroute to the top the first at 5,900 metres, the second at 6,500 metres, the third at 7,200 metres and the final camp at 8,000 metres before entering what's popularly referred to as the mountain's "death zone."

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Adidas Rose 4.0 For Sale

"Happy belated b day to Emily in Long Sault, Ont.," he wrote on April 13.

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Much of the blog includes information about the treacherous Khumbu Icefall (5,846 metres), referred to on one climber website as "Mount Everest's Death Trap."

After reaching the summit, Lalonde told a person updating the blog for him (due to internet connectivity issues) that he was sore, but the blogger noted he "sounded great."

City native reaches top of Everest

Dr. Saturday, May 19. Lalonde, an obstetrician/gynecologist who now lives in Colorado, left for Nepal and Everest on March 23.

the families of four climbers including Toronto native Shriya Shah Klorfine, 33 who lost their lives.

In the death Adidas Rose 4.0 For Sale zone, oxygen masks become a necessity with only about a third as much oxygen available as climbers might be accustomed to. The low temperatures also make for perfect frosbite conditions and high winds are another factor climbers must contend with.

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In the same post heralding the team's ascent to the summit is a prayer for Adidas Y3 Orange

Much of Lalonde's experience Adidas Rose Trainers

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Despite the perilousness of the environment around him, Lalonde still found time to send out birthday wishes.

Lalonde's journey to the summit wasn't easy he made frequent trips to the Everest Base Camp emergency room as a patient with a "bad case of bronchitis/chronic cough/fatigue," which is later referred to as the "Khumbu cough" in the blog.

CORNWALL One of Cornwall's native sons has climbed all 8,848 metres to the summit of Mt. Everest in Nepal, the same week a fellow Canadian climber and three others perished there.

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